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SolidStepCote Tile Anti Slip Floor Coating,
For Commercial, Home & Industrial Use!

Tile Anti Slip Floor Coating

SolidStepCote Tile Anti Slip Floor Coating


Tile Non Slip Floor Coatings, For Commercial, Home & Industrial Use!

Residential and Commercial kitchens are one of the most common places where slip and fall accidents occur. Which is why our non slip products are so important for your kitchen floors and for the safety of your family, friends or staff. No matter how careful one is, food, liquids, oils and other substances will find their way onto the kitchen floor, creating a safety hazard that you often cannot see. With SolidaStepCote, your kitchen floor will prevent accidents even under the most slippery conditions. It features a polymer aggregate that creates an invisible, non slip tile surface.
SolidaStepCote is unique among non slip products, it bonds with ANY flooring surface. It is also the only single component, crystal clear, Green solution on the market. This makes it a perfect fit for kitchens or food preparation areas. It is completely safe and so easy to apply. Unlike most other non slip products, SolidaStepCote is an environmentally friendly, non slip tile solution. It has no toxins, fumes or odors and can be washed right down the drain.

Just roll it on, allow it to dry for several hours, and your kitchen will be a safe, no skid zone for years. SolidaStepCote will maintain your kitchen floor's great looks and will not discolor, crack or peel over time. SolidaStepCote is also a sealer with built in mildewcides.

It will protect your flooring surface from wearing down while sealing grout lines, keeping them looking like new and free of grime, mold and mildew. And cleaning your SolidaStepCote floor is so easy. Just mop or brush with water and a mild detergent, that's it! Create a non toxic, non slip floor today with SolidaStepCote. Its the smart choice for preventing slip and falls in any kitchen.
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