SolidStepCote Formula 04
Our most effective non-slip solution.

SolidStepCote - Unibond 110

Unibond 110

Unibond 110 Our most effective non-slip solution intended for more industrial indoor environments or outdoor environments where slip and falls due to rain water, puddling, pool water or other wet conditions may exist.

UniBond110 will provide optimal bonding and adhesion for SoliStepCote and other coatings on difficult to bond surfaces such as glass, glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain, steel, aluminum and plastics.
SolidStepCote Formula 04 - Product Descriptions & Features

Features - Single-Component, Ready For Use/No Mixing Required, UV Protection, Built-in Mildewcides.
Safety & Environmental Info - Water-based, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Low Fumes/Odors.
Suggested Surfaces - Indoor/Outdoor- Factories, Workshops, Pool Decks, Front Steps, Garages.
Coating Texture - Heavy Aggregate, Similar to 50-grit sandpaper (COF > .85)
Appearance/Cleaning - Semi-Gloss, Crystal Clear, Somewhat Visible Clean with bristled brush, water and mild detergent or soap.
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