SolidStepCote Formula 02
Perfect for commercial or retail environment.

SolidStepCote 02

SolidStepCote Formula 02 - is our most popular solution. It is a perfect fit for any indoor, commercial or retail environment using VCT, concrete, ceramic tile or any other flooring where aesthetics, slip and fall protection and ease of cleaning are key concerns.

SolidStepCote Formula 02 uses a very fine industrial aggregate (Similar to a 200 grit sandpaper) that is almost invisible to the eye, making it perfect for businesses that are concerned with anti slip coating for floor aesthetics without disregard to floor safety. Because of the fine aggregate, the surface remains easy to clean via traditional floor cleaning modalities.

Common environments for Solid Step 02 include hospitals, fast food (or other) restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, hotel bathrooms, foyers, spas, bathtubs and shower stalls.

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SolidStepCote 02 - Product Descriptions & Features

Features - Single-Component, Ready For Use/No Mixing Required, UV Protection, Built-in Mildewcides
Safety & Environmental Info - Water-based, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Low Fumes/Odors
Suggested Surfaces - Indoors - Bathtubs, showers, most residential and commercial flooring.
Coating Texture - Very Light Aggregate, Similar to 200-grit sandpaper (COF > .7)
Appearance/Cleaning - Semi-Gloss, Crystal Clear, Mostly Invisible Clean with mop, sponge or bristled brush, water and mild detergent or soap.
Data Sheets - Product Data Sheets | SolidStepCote MSDS | Wet Pendulum Test Results

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