SolidStepCote Formula 01
Applies to Any Surface!

SolidStepCote 01

SolidStepCote Formula 01 - Is made to be used on polished stone, such as marble and granite. It's made for floors where aesthetics are at a premium. SolidStepCote offers Anti Slip Surface Coatings in four distinct formulas, each of which is designed to be used for different surfaces and different environments.

All of our formulas are crystal clear, water-based, non-toxic and extremely durable and each will provide similar lifespan depending upon the amount of traffic the surface encounters.

Our formulas far exceed OSHA/ADA standards for slip resistance in dry or wet conditions. None of these formulas require buffing, waxing, or other intensive maintenance routines. They are designed to be cleaned with a mild detergent such as soap and water.

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SolidStepCote Formula 01 - Product Descriptions & Features

Features - Single-Component, Ready For Use/No Mixing Required, UV Protection, Built-in Mildewcides.
Safety & Environmental Info - Water-based, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Low Fumes/Odors.
Suggested Surfaces - Indoors - Polished Stone Flooring incl. marble, granite, etc. where aesthetics are at a premium.
Coating Texture - No Aggregate, smooth texture (COF >.6 )
Appearance/Cleaning - Semi-Gloss, Crystal Clear, Virtually Invisible Clean with mop or sponge, water and mild detergent or soap.
Data Sheets - Product Data Sheets | SolidStepCote MSDS | Wet Pendulum Test Results

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