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SolidStepCote Recommendations

Recommended Products

Recommended Products

While SolidStepCote provides anti-slip properties to practically all flooring surfaces its effectiveness and durability is dependent on proper adhesion to the surface it is being applied to. Non-porous surfaces such as glass, glazed ceramic tiles, fiberglass, metal and similar dense surfaces are more difficult to bond to than porous surfaces such as concrete, wood, clay tiles, pavers, etc. UniBond 110 is a unique, easy to apply bonding agent that provides optimum bonding and helps overcome surface and preparation anomalies. Its use is highly recommended for best results.

UniBond110 is an easy to apply coating that serves as an all purpose primer and bonding agent for non-porous surfaces. It can be applied by brush, roller or wiped on to the surface with a micro fiber cloth. It evaporates rapidly leaving a clear finish that is ready for use within 15 minutes. UniBond110 will provide optimal bonding and adhesion for SoliStepCote and other coatings on difficult to bond surfaces such as glass, glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain, steel, aluminum and plastics.

Liquitite is a water-based, clear coating designed to protect canvas (natural and synthetic) and polyester materials. This flexible, yet durable coating prevents water and other liquids from leaking through the coated surface. Built-in UV protection prevents fading and degradation while mildewcides avert the growth of mold and mildew preventing discoloration and disfigurement of the canvas. It can be used on pool and patio furniture, boat and automobile covers, T-tops and similar objects.

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