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Pool Deck Non Slip Floor Coating

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SolidStepCote - Pool Deck Anti Slip Floor Coating

A slippery pool deck can be one of the most dangerous areas of a property, due to the constant presence of water and the hard surfaces used to build pool decking, pathways and other adjacent floor surfaces. This combination of factors make the pool deck a very hazardous area when it comes to slip and fall accidents. If you are a homeowner with a pool, a property manager for a condominium or multi-unit housing community, or a facilities manager, finding a solution to the problem of slippery pool decking is a must.

Anti Slip Coating for Pool Decks

Fortunately, SolidStepCote 04 provides a safe, easy and versatile solution to this problem. SolidStepCote can be applied to literally any type of pool decking surface including: Travertine, Stone Pavers, Tile, Wood, Stamped Concrete & Concrete.

Use the same SolidStepCote 04 solution for your pool decks as well as the surrounding bathrooms, showers or walkways, so you only have to apply one solution to solve all your outdoor non slip needs. SolidStepCote features built in UV Protection and Mildewcides so your surface will not fade, crack, yellow or develop mold. It is also a waterproof sealer, covering grout lines and concrete from discoloration, mold and mildew.

Our SolidStepCote 04 formula offers the coarseness of a 50-grit sandpaper and, due to the use of our proprietary polymer aggregate, does not have any sharp edges that will cause intense abrasion or irritate the feet. And like all SolidStepCote products, it is incredibly easy and safe to apply. With no fumes, odors, or VOC's, you won't need any masks or special tools to apply the product. Just roll or spray it on, allow it to dry for a few hours, and your new slip resistant pool deck will look beautiful and last for many years before needing reapplication.

SolidStepCote, it's the #1 solution for slippery pool decks. Order yours NOW!

Non slip pool deck with a little added color

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