SolidStepCote Non Slip Patio Coatings,
Can Help Reduce Insurance Premiums.

Anti Slip Patio Coatings

SolidStepCote Frequently Asked Questions

Non slip patio coatings can remove slip and fall situations on your patio at any time of year.

Your patio is a frequent source of traffic and if it is exposed to the elements, it can often become wet and slippery. Eliminate potential hazards from morning dew, rain, and winter weather. Furthermore, did you know that if someone were to slip and fall and become injured on the patio, porch, steps or other areas of your home, they can sue you for liability? It's a scary thought.

Why not take the worry out of your home with SolidStepCote and get the best non slip patio coatings product for your home today. SolidStepCote is the world's only water-based, GREEN non slip solution, that can be applied to ANY patio or porch surface. It has no odors, fumes or VOC's and will provide years of protection against slippery patios, with a simple two-coat application that takes only minutes to apply.

SolidStepCote 04 is the most coarse formula in the SolidStepCote family and will provide non slip protection that far exceeds ADA standards. It is the perfect solution to solving slip and fall concerns and our non slip patio coatings provide excellent protection against slip and fall concerns. Protect your loved ones, protect your patio, protect your entire property today with SolidStepCote.
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