SolidStepCote Non Slip Floor Products,
For Grocery And Convenience Stores

Non Slip Floor Products For Grocery And Convenience Stores

SolidStepCote  - Anti Slip Floor Products For Grocery And Convenience Stores

Non Slip Grocery Store Floors Can Help Prevent Serious Injuries and lawsuits.

Grocery Stores are one of the most high traffic commercial environments. Grocery store patrons are on their feet drifting between frozen food sections, produce areas, refrigerated food sections and prepared food areas., all of which are prone to producing moisture and extremely slippery conditions for both staff and customers. Having a Non slip floor grocery store could be beneficial in many ways.

Insurance liabilities for slip and fall, as well as lawsuits and settlements, make creating an effective non slip flooring environment in your grocery store or convenience store so important.

In addition, many grocery & convenient stores opt for inexpensive, durable and easily maintained flooring solutions such as VCT, treated concrete or smooth tile flooring. Unfortunately, this usually means a hard, smooth surface that is especially prone to becoming slick and slippery when wet.

SolidStepCote is the only water-based, non toxic, non slip solution for these and all other grocery and convenience store flooring surfaces. It maintains its slip resistance, even under wet and oily conditions. SolidStepCote far exceeds ADA standards for coefficient of friction for your non slip floor grocery store, saving your store the liabilities, worry and expense associated with slip and fall accidents.

SolidStepCote has no fumes or odors when applied and is ready for foot traffic within 4-6 hours of application. It is inexpensive and easy to maintain, and because it is a Green and non toxic solution, it will keep your store environmentally friendly and compliant with LEED certification standards. Isn't it time you took control of slip and fall problems in your grocery or convenience store? Get SolidStepCote today and make your store's floor a non slip floor.

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