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Non Slip Hospital Floor Coating

SolidStepCote  - Tile Anti Slip Hospital Floor Coating

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities require both hygienic, sanitary conditions as well as maximum safety for staff, patients and visitors.

Unfortunately, many hospitals and health care facilities feature slippery tile or vinyl composition flooring, which often cause unnecessary slip and fall hazards for medical flooring.

While keeping a shiny and clean floor is important for the image of health care facilities, safety should be a primary consideration. Being proactive about safety and reducing general liabilities, is a central focus for any successful health care operation. Having a non slip hospital floor coating will do this. SolidStepCote is the only Green, non toxic, non slip solution on the market that bonds with any flooring surface including ceramic tile, polished stone and VCT as well as fiberglass and acrylic tubs and showers.

 The overwhelming majority of slip and fall accidents in hospitals and health care facilities occur in the patient rooms and bathrooms. Non slip hospital floor coatings and medical flooring can help save lives and costly medical injury claims. Treating those and other flooring surfaces throughout the facility including operating rooms, cafeterias, patient bedrooms and bathrooms and food preparation areas is key to preventing slips and falls within a hospital. Our medical flooring non slip coating is perfect for all areas of your hospital or medical facility.

SolidStepCote is a Green, crystal clear, single component solution that contributes to LEED ratings for your health care facility. It's safe and easy to apply and maintain, has no fumes, toxins or unpleasant odors, and can be walked on within 4-6 hours of application. These factors make SolidStepCote the only choice for creating non slip floors and non slip medical flooring in your health care facility or hospital. Make your hospital safer today by preventing slip and fall accidents with SolidStepCote.
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