SolidStepCote Eliminates Slippery Floors
In Workshops, Auto Repair Shops

Anti Slip Coating for Workshop Floors

SolidStepCote  - Hotel Safety Anti Slip Coating

A Non Slip Coating for workshops, auto repair shops and industrial environments that eliminates slippery floors!

You need durability and performance to create safe non slip flooring conditions. SolidStepCote provides a versatile solution for any auto repair shop or workshop with a range of formulas for these varied environments. SolidStepCote is a safe (Green), effective and durable solution. It is delivered in a single component formula that can be applied by anyone without health concerns. It has no fumes, odors, or VOC's and a two coat application can be applied quickly by anyone and will dry to the point of being ready to receive traffic within 4-6 hours. Full cure is 48 hours.

SolidStepCote bonds incredibly well with concrete, wood, vinyl or floors that already have a protective epoxy coating or varnish. Just clean the floor with a mild soap and water, removing dust, dirt and oils prior to application and lay it down with a low nap roller or airless spray. And in most cases SolidStepCote will last for years before needing reapplication.

Never before has creating a non slip workshop or auto repair shop floor been so easy. Keep your workers safe from the threat of wet, oily, or dusty floors that are a constant slip and fall hazard today. Protect your shop from the burden of ballooning insurance premiums and liabilities. Get the best non slip coating. Get SolidStepCote now and get the peace of mind you require.
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