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SolidStepCote  - Hotel Safety Anti Slip Coating

Non Slip Coating for Hotels

The Hospitality industry is a prime target for slip and fall accidents. Hotels feature so many of the environments and surfaces that often become wet, oily and slippery, posing a constant hazard to both guests and staff. Because of the huge liabilities associated with insurance claims, lawsuits and settlements relating to slip and fall accidents in the hospitality industry, creating slip resistant flooring surfaces is of the utmost importance in running a safe, responsible and profitable business..

The average hotel or motel features kitchens and food preparation facilities, dining facilities, lobbies, terraces, verandas, walkways, pool decks, communal bathrooms and showers, pool decks, tubs and shower stalls, all of which present significant slip and fall hazards for staff and guests. These surfaces, when wet and slippery, make many hotels unsafe and vulnerable to the massive liabilities associated with slip and fall accidents. With four SolidStepCote formulas to choose from, there is a solution for every flooring surface and every indoor, outdoor environment in your hotel.

Furthermore, SolidStepCote is unquestionably the premier non slip coating for hotel tubs and showers because of its ability to bond effectively to ALL tub and shower surfaces. It has no fumes or odors, quick dry times, outstanding durability and will not discolor, crack or peel over time.

    SolidStepCote is the only viable non slip bathtub, shower and floor product that combines all these benefits in a single solution:

  • GREEN/Non-Toxic
  • A Single Component Solution (no mixing required)
  • Safe and Easy to Apply and Maintain
  • Works on ANY Indoor or Outdoor Flooring Surface
  • Has No Fumes or Odors
  • Can Be Used Within Hours of Application
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Built in UV Protection and Mildewcides

Stop worrying about injuries, huge insurance premiums and litigation from slip and fall accidents in your hotel or motel. SolidStepCote is the versatile and effective non slip solution for your entire property and is offered in a variety of formulas to fit every surface and environment. Make your hotel a safe, non slip hotel today with SolidStepCote!
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