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A slippery floor is a dangerous way to enter your home. Many floors have very smooth, hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, linoleum, Mexican tile, polished marble or other semi-precious stones and finished wood. Walking onto such a surface, with wet feet, on a rainy or snowy day, can create a nasty slip and fall hazard. Homeowners and businesses need a practical, non slip solution for floor coatings. This is the first place people encounter when entering a property.

Maintaining the aesthetic value of the floor is a must. Floor coatings that are anti slip and provide a beautiful glossy finish, are the first area people see when entering a home.SolidaStepCote provides a safe, NoSlip floor surface for your floor coatings, without compromising the looks of your floor. Our crystal clear formula keeps your floor looking beautiful and your family, guests and customers safe from slip and fall accidents.

SolidStepCote represents the most advanced technology available on the market today in non slip floor coatings. It is an entirely GREEN, water-based and single component solution, that dries crystal clear and creates a beautiful anti-slip, glossy finish. It creates a lasting bond with any flooring surface and eliminates the need for regular waxing, buffing or other costly maintenance procedures. SolidaStepCote does not attract dirt, creates a protective barrier against stains, spills and prevents grout lines from soiling or discoloration. SolidaStepCote is your best line of defense against slip and fall accidents. It is extremely durable and is designed to be used for the most demanding indoor and outdoor applications. Get SolidStepCote now and create the green, clean and effective non slip surface you're seeking today!

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