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Anti Slip Bathroom Floor Coating, That Helps Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents!

Here's a frightening statistic. Did you know the bathroom and kitchen account for over 75% of all slip and fall injuries, and the majority of those take place in the bathroom. According to the National Safety Council, one person dies everyday from using bathtub/shower in the United States. And of the 34,000 accidental deaths of people over the age of 65 every year, many are bathing related (Burdman, 2010). The right bathroom coating can create non slip bathroom floors and can help avoid slippery tubs.
Attention Facilities Managers! Slip and fall accidents in hotel and hospital bathrooms are a source of countless injuries and billions of dollars in lawsuits, settlements, and insurance claims each year. Its easy to apply our bathroom coating and create non slip bathroom floors and prevent slippery tub accidents.

SolidaStepCote is a safe, GREEN, and easy to apply solution to the problem of slippery bathroom floors, tubs and showers. Our 02 solution is gentle on the feet, virtually invisible to the eye, and provides non slip protection that far exceeds ADA standards for coefficient of friction and is the solution to your bathroom coating needs. Our product creates non slip bathroom floors and prevents slippery tubs injuries.

It is applied by foam brush or roller in a matter of minutes and can be cleaned with any standard detergent, even soap and water. It is water resistant, will not fade, yellow, crack, bubble or degrade over time, and your application of SolidaStepCote will provide years of slip and fall protection, before needing reapplication. It provides the same protection as non slip tub mats, only invisible and will not collect mold or mildew.

Quit risking the health of yourself, your family, and guests and get SolidaStepCote for your bathrooms, tubs and showers now. Click here to purchase SolidaStepCote now!
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