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Anti Slip Bathroom Coatings

SolidStepCote  - Hotel Safety Anti Slip Coating

SolidStepCote Easy Application

  SolidStepCote can be applied by foam brush, low nap roller (1/8"-1/4" nap) or low pressure airless spray equipment (HVLP spray systems and a 0.025 inch tip). A gallon of SolidStepCote should provide protection on average, up to 250 square feet per gallon (two coat application) for non porous surfaces. With larger surfaces a roller or spray application is recommended.

1) The targeted surface should be cleaned thoroughly of all dirt, debris, soapscum or grease prior to application.

2) Dry floor surface completely. SolidStepCote should not be applied to a damp or wet surface.

3) Fully stir or lightly shake the SolidStepCote container to mix the aggregate thoroughly prior to use. This step is very important, as the non-slip aggregate which sometimes settles at the bottom, must be mixed in and evenly distributed throughout the solution to achieve maximum possibly efficacy of the product. If product shows bubbling from excessive shaking, allow it to settle for several minutes, then gently stir before moving on to next step. Note: It is extremely important that the aggregate is fully mixed thoughout the coating when applying. Failure to do so, may result in a wet surface that is more slippery than normal and may increase slip and fall accidents.

4) Apply at first to a small test area to be sure that the application is working properly and producing the desired results. Next, pour the product into a paint tray (to a depth no greater than 1/4").

5) Roll / Apply the product evenly back and forth over the surface at a steady pace, making sure not to coat the product too heavily or apply too much pressure on the brush or roller.

6) Allow coating to dry to the touch before applying a 2nd coat (20-30 minutes). Repeat steps 3-5.

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  The coating goes on easily and dries to a clear glossy finish. Liquiguard recommends a two-coat application to ensure good film strength, durability and to prevent chipping or peeling, particularly in high traffic areas.

  The surface will be ready to receive regular foot traffic within 4-6 hours after final application at 70F and 50% relative humidity. Allow 48 hours for full cure before subjecting the surface to prolonged water exposure and/or abrasion. Do not apply at temperatures below 50 degrees F or above 90 degrees F. When applying, avoid heavy buildup, puddling and overlapping.

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