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SolidStepCote is water-based, non-toxic and a crystal clear anti-slip coating. It is a safe and easy application.

Watch our 3 minute do it yourself application video to see how easy it is. This basic application process applies to all of our SolidStepCote products and can be applied to any surface including concrete, pavers, fiberglass, glass, granite, marble, metal, plastic, vinyl, porcelain, slate, ceramic tiles and wood. SolidStepCote is truly the most effective anti slip coating for ANY flooring surface. One 8oz. bottle of our Do It Yourself Kit can cover 2 bathtubs or Showers.

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SolidStepCote is color coded and makes it easy to select the right product.

*The GREEN #01 formula while offering anti-slip properties, is only suitable for use on slippery surfaces without water or other liquid spills. It should be used when there is a danger of slipping on very smooth wood, stone or tile floors. If these floors will have liquid spills then the customer should move up to the textured formulas.

*The BLUE #02 formula is our mildest texture and should be used when requiring anti-slip properties with the smallest possible profile. It is also helpful for surfaces that will be walked on with bare feet and low levels of wetness. Another application would be in bathtubs or shower seats where the customer expects contact with bare skin.

*The YELLOW #03 formula has a texture similar to 100 grit sandpaper. Unlike sandpaper the SolidStepCote products do not have sharp abrasive edges. This is our most popular formula for use in showers, bathtubs, staircases, etc.

*For outdoor high foot traffic areas, pool and patios, we recommend the RED #04 formula. It is our most coarse formula with a texture similar to 50 grit sandpaper.

Slip and fall is the #2 source of death and injury in the U.S, only behind auto accidents.

According to the National Safety Council, the related costs from slip and fall accidents, including medical care, lawsuits, settlements, lost productivity and wages, exceeds $100 Billion annually! SolidStepCote from Liquiguard Technologies, Inc. is a revolutionary development in anti slip coating solutions for the prevention of slip and fall accidents anywhere. A GREEN product, SolidStepCote is a water-based, non-toxic and crystal clear anti slip coating product, that is available in four unique, durable and affordable formulas. It will enhance the beauty of any surface, while protecting you, your family, employees and customers from slip and fall injuries, even under wet and slick conditions! With built-in mildewcides and UV protection, SolidStepCote is your Anti slip coating solution, for ANY indoor or outdoor surface!

SolidStepCote will reduce slip and fall accidents, law suits and insurance claims. Use SolidStepCote in all environments including:


What makes SolidStepCote the best product for an anti-slip advantage?

*NO HARSH CHEMICALS: You do not need gloves, masks or ventilation to apply SolidStepCote.

*EASY CLEANING: Use only pH (7.0 to 8.5) neutral detergents and cleaners to clean SolidStepCote surfaces. USE OF HARSH CHEMICALS AND ABRASIVE PADS MAY DAMAGE THE COATING AND ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.

*WILL NOT CHANGE COLOR: SolidStepCote does not yellow, peel or crack over time. No stripping needed, just reapply another coat right on top to rejuvenate.

*USE ON ANY SURFACE: Can be used on all surfaces. SolidStepCote bonds firmly with most surfaces.

Certain impermeable surfaces such as fiberglass tubs or showerpans, enameled tubs and similar surfaces may need some bonding assistance. In these instances we recommend the use of our special adhesion promoter, UniBond 110. This is a clear wipe on chemical treatment that promotes adhesion to difficult to bond surfaces and thus improves and extends the durability of the anti-slip coating.

*DURABLE: With proper care, SolidStepCote will provide a year or longer of anti-slip protection.

Prevent Slip and Fall accidents

SolidStepCote Data Sheets

SolidStepCote Product Data Sheet | SolidStepCote MSDS | Wet Pendulum Test Results

Please read a few of our testimonials.....

"I installed SolidStepCote on my bathroom floor tiles about 6 years ago. The only preparation was to clean and dry the floor, then I rolled two coats on with a roller. The job was completed start to finish in about 30 minutes. There was no objectionable odor and I was able to walk on the floor the next day. Now, 6 years later, the non-slip surface is very much intact. There are no visible signs of wear even in the high traffic area in front of the sink. The surface texture is not so coarse as to be uncomfortable or difficult to clean. - Andy S. - (Washington D.C)

"Just wanted to let you know that we have used both the SolidStepCote 03 and 04 and are extremely pleased with the results. The application process was very simple and required little time or effort. The product itself has more than exceeded our expectations. Since we applied these products we have had no falls from our patients related to bath/shower slickness or slips outside the tubs. We truly love your product."

Larry S. - Mesilla Valley Hospital (Las Cruces, NM)   Click here for more testimonials..

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