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Why Non Slip Stairs?

Slippery stairs around a home or business can be particularly treacherous and are a frequent source of slip and fall accidents. Falling down stairs can cause far more serious injuries than most slip and fall accidents. Protecting your family, friends, employees, tenants, and others from slipping and falling on a staircase by using non slip stairs. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your property use the best non slip stairs coating money can buy! Anti skid protection needs to be a top priority. Forget non slip stair treads and other nonslip stair treads.
Finding a solution to the problem of slippery stairs is easily resolved with SolidStepCote. Our crystal clear solution can be applied to any surface including wood, concrete, marble, composite, stone or painted surfaces. And as a Green product with no fumes, odors or VOC's, SolidStepCote is safe and easy to apply and great for your non slip stairs. Just roll it on with a low nap roller and allow it to dry for 4-6 hours and its ready for use! Depending upon the amount of foot traffic your steps encounter, it should last for several years before needing any reapplication.

Don't bother with more sandpaper strips that curl up and leave sticky residues that attract dirt that won't come off. A quick and easy application of SolidStepCote will do the trick. Best of all its incredibly easy to clean and maintain and will keep your non slip stairs looking great. And unlike non slip stair treads and nonslip stair treads, our coating doesn't easily slip off the stairs.

If you live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall or faces snowy and icy conditions in the winter, SolidStepCote is a must. Protect your slippery steps and the people who walk on them today...with SolidStepCote. Buy Now
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