Creates a non-slip grip over all types of objects


LiquiGrip - is a crystal clear safety coating formulated to create a non-slip grip over all types of objects around homes, businesses and industry. Its application requires nothing more than simply painting the target surface with LiquiGrip using a foam or bristle brush. Allow the coating to dry for several hours, preferably overnight if possible. Depending on the use of the treated surface the coating will provide non-slip service for a year or longer. Rejuvenating the non-slip feature is simply a matter of applying a fresh coat of LiquiGrip .

LiquiGrip is ideal for application to grab bars in bathrooms and showers, pool ladders, walkers, safety rails, etc. The applications of this handy and easy to use product are unlimited. It can be applied to all types of materials including metal, wood, glass, plastic and composite surfaces. Due to its "paint-on" nature size and shape do not present a barrier to its application, unlike pre-shaped nonslip covers. LiquiGrip eliminates the need for textured rails and grab bars that can be rough on the hands and skin. It will also smoothen the surface of existing textured grab bars.

LiquiGrip - A non-slip grip on all types of objects

Creates a non-slip grip over
all types of objects

LiquiGrip is a crystal clear, viscous and somewhat tacky material that dries to a crystal clear finish. It is easy to apply using a soft bristle or foam brush. The target surface should be free of dirt, debris and oily, greasy contaminants prior to application. Make sure that the cleaning liquid does not leave a residue behind which may hamper the adhesion of the coating. Mask off the far edges of the area to be coated with regular masking tape to keep the coating confined within the target area. If more than one coat is desired, allow the first coat to dry sufficiently prior to the application of the second coat. Damaged areas of the coating can be touched up with a coat of LiquiGrip directly over the damage.

The cured LiquiGrip has a slightly tacky rubberized finish and will provide excellent non-slip grip in wet and dry conditions. It will not leave any residue on hands, clothing or other articles that come in contact with it. Eight ounces of LiquiGrip will cover an approximate area of 20 square feet. As and when necessary it should be cleaned with mild cleaning detergents. Unused material kept in a tightly sealed container, in a cool place, will have a useable shelf life of at least a year. Clean up of LiquiGrip requires the use of a mild off the shelf cleaner such as mineral spirits. LiquiGrip has a broad base of application including private homes, nursing homes and hospitals, restaurants, boats, gyms, workshops and any other place or object where a firm and secure grip is essential for safety and to prevent accidents. For businesses it is a quick and inexpensive way to reduce liablity. The crystal clear coating is almost invisible and will not interfere with any of the surrounding aesthetics. When necessary it can be easily removed with a basic paint stripper or with BioStrip from Liquiguard Technologies. The cleaned surface will revert to its original appearance.

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