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Anti Slip Bathroom Coatings

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With slip and fall injuries creating a $100 Billion annual problem in the U.S., there is a tremendous opportunity for flooring manufacturers, distributors, retailers, contractors, installers, and maintenance teams to join forces with the premier slip resistant floor safety solution on the market today, SolidStepCote..

Liquiguard Technologies, Inc., creator of SolidStepCote and over two dozen water-based, non-toxic protective coating solutions, is focused on the R&D and manufacturing of best of class GREEN solutions which seek to address key pain points in today's marketplace. Our feature-rich solutions provide answers to nagging problems that are inadequately addressed by existing products available on the market today. The resourceful leveraging of available GREEN technologies in conjunction with advanced chemical engineering strategies has established Liquiguard Technologies as a pioneer in the eco/bio friendly protective coatings market.

SolidStepCote Anti Slip Bathroom Coatings

We rely on our strategic channel partners to assist us in penetrating the global market with these important protective coating solutions and have designed a mutually beneficial business model that allows us to share in the benefits of success with our partners.

Liquiguard Technologies invites forward thinking businesses who seek to offer the finest in durable, dependable and affordable eco/bio friendly coating solutions to participate in this program. Contact Us now and learn how to join forces with SolidStepCote and Liquiguard Technologies, Inc. to become a strategic channel partner today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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