, creator of SolidStepCotethe world's most safe and versatile non-slip solution — introduces an anti-slip DIY kit for all tubs and showers that is so Green, so safe and so easy to apply that anyone can use it.
That's right, even you!

It's just that easy… Don't believe us? Check out our application video and see for yourself!

  • Kit Includes:
  • Non-Slip Solution
  • Roller
  • Paint Tray
  • Instruction Sheet
Applying SolidStepCote to your bathtub or shower is as easy as . . .
Step 1 Open the Kit and shake the bottle.
Step 1 Open the Kit and shake the bottle.
Step 1 Open the Kit and shake the bottle.
Why Is SolidStepCote the best solution?
Don't Slip
Don't Slip
  • Safe and Non-Toxic
  • No Fumes or Odors
  • Applies in Minutes
  • Lasts for Years
  • Invisible Finish (Looks Great!)
  • Will Not Discolor, Crack or Peel
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Works on ALL tub and shower surfaces
Senior's Listen

"We're in our 60's and had been having problems with our feet slipping in our marble shower. We felt like it was only a matter of time before something bad happened.

We found out about SolidStepCote from a friend and tried the Non-Slip Kit. It was totally odorless and so easy to apply. Since then, we've had absolutely no issues or concerns with slipping in the shower and its not showing the slightest trace of needing reapplication — it was applied well over 2 years ago!

We do the same things we always did to clean the shower and the product is as clear as the day it was applied. When we shower, our feet are stable and comfortable, and we feel fully confident moving around as much we need to. Thank you , you've got a great product."

Carl and Ellie — (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


"I applied SolidStepCote to our bathtub several months ago. The process was very easy and it dried in about 4 hours. There was no smell at all when I applied it. The surface is very comfortable on the feet, not rough or sticky but absolutely non-slip. After daily use it is the same as the first time I used it. I would highly recommend this product."

Lary S. (73) — (San Francisco, CA)

  • No MoreNo more sandpaper strips that get brown and leave a residue on the surface.
  • No MoreNo more "invisible" mats that gray and dull over time
  • No MoreNo more ugly rubber mats that create mold and mildew stains.

Unlike other non-slip solutions for tubs and showers, SolidStepCote does not require gloves, masks or ventilation to apply and it bonds beautifully with all surfaces.

With proper care, SolidStepCote will last not months but years and will not yellow, crack or peel over time. Eventually it will just wear down from use and another coat can be reapplied right over the top. And cleaning is a cinch as any standard tub or shower cleaner can be used. Just don't use abrasive sponges or cleaners — the same as you would with any fiberglass or acrylic tub or shower surface.